The Functional Musician 

Musician Health and Wellness is a trending topic in today's music world. With new studies being published regularly, we are starting to see more evidence on how prevalent performances related injuries are, and the best ways we can prevent them. 

If you think about the musician's lifestyle, we are encouraged to practice as much as we can, often sacrificing our physical health and mental health to achieve our goals. This may produce great short term results, but looking at the bigger picture, can greatly decrease our performing lifespan due to mental and physical fatigue. Finding your own form of intervention to implement into your daily life is a big stepping stone to achieving 

performing career centered around longevity. 


As an online fitness coach dedicated to musicians, I offer mobility, functional strength training, and sustainable nutrition habits to help develop functionality, develop body awareness, increase energy and focus, and most importantly, add sustainability and longevity to their careers. 

For more information on services offered, as well as free health and wellness resources, please visit the website below. 



Personal Trainer Certification - NASM 

Corrective Exercise Certification - NASM 

Nutrition Certification Level 1 - Precision Nutrition 

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